Foreplay And Seduction With My Office Senior

Hi, guys, it’s me, Jaggs. How are you guys? I hope you had fun in Diwali. I am here to share my experience with a great woman I met during the internship.
As it was the last year of postgraduate degree I had to finish my internship at a company. I looked up the contacts and finally got into a reputed company to finish my internship. The days were going nice. I had stay arranged along with one of the company staff Anjana.
Anjana was my sister-in-law’s classmate. She had introduced me to her. I knew her before, used to chat with her. But we got close during the time of the internship. Anjana helped me through the transition. She was a charming energetic woman who was probably in her 30s.
she was my also guide. She was a big help in the company matters. We just got along pretty much fine. I used to go talk to her pretty much all the time around during work. I love it when she used to pinch my ear for making silly mistakes. She was a great teacher.
I knew I could be a little childish with her. I used to love her scoldings. It didn’t take much for me to get close to her. We used to go for a cup of coffee in the evening. Then we used to relieve our stress and she used to talk to me. I liked being in the company of a woman who is older than me.
Even though we were a flat apart, we used to chat like anything on WhatsApp. I used to humor her and she used to humor me too. We loved spending time together. As I got better, I used to take her on these drives in the car. Sometimes it would be just for groceries, sometimes just for the chill of the air.
It didn’t take me long to make her open up to me. I used to listen to problems. Her husband had been working in the Merchant Navy. Due to his low sperm count, there was not much chance at having children. Her late night at work built her a bad image with the folks.
That’s why she begged her husband to move to the city. He visits her twice in 2 months. That’s the only time she can see him. I felt her loneliness. I felt distraught hearing her suffering. A woman should not suffer like that. I sincerely consoled.
Then, day by day our friendship grew. We both were not at all shy. She asked about my girlfriends, I told her I had but had broken off. We used to move into adultery jokes during our frequent talks. During one of those days, she had a fight in office, which escalated in mere minutes.
The girl she was fighting told some things that hurt Anjana bad. She took the half-day off. I called her in the evening, told her it will be fine. She was crying on the phone which made me go over to her flat to console her. She opened the door, with red eyes and sobbing.
I went it and consoled her. In between, she burst out crying on to my chest started to hug me tightly. I knew it was inappropriate at that time but her soft boobs against my chest made me a little hard. I figured it would be normal. I helped her prepare dinner and we had it.
As I was leaving, she again hugged me and gave me a long kiss on my cheeks and told me, “You are a great friend.” I smiled as we parted. The next few days were different. That kiss had sparked something in me, that made my dick throb. I was getting naughty thoughts about Anjana whenever I was near her.
I felt like taking hold of her face and kissing her deeply. She explained the details of the work the next day. I had to hide feelings deep as they were wrong, But I kept wondering and wanted it to happen. So I decided to heat things a bit.
Whenever I used to go over, I used to touch over her body, rub on shoulders as we talked and cooked. I used to tickle her at the navel. She loved that and she loved tickling me too and would ask to do more. She used to do yoga every morning. That’s what kept her in shape.
We used to have this heated chat sessions during our meeting. I used to gulp at those moments. Sometimes in the office, she used to rub across my crotch, which I thought was by accident. But repeated times proved my theory as the fact she was ready.
Sorry guys I forgot to describe her. She was a fair enchanting woman with light but thin eyebrows and killer eyes. Her skin was fair and smooth, so was her 34d cup breasts. They had pink nipples as jewels. She maintained herself in an hourglass figure. She loved the workout.
I used to join her in those workouts in the morning. Then on a Sunday, after our workout, I asked her to get me a cup of coffee. She happily obliged. As she walked back, I stared at her ass tight in those track pants, swaying at her back of her sports bra filled with sweat.
I reimagined her cleavage that I saw in those workouts that made me hard. She had her hair tied up. She was busy with her kitchen work. I went behind and grabbed her. She was surprised and jumped as I turned her around. In a blink of an eye, I started to kiss her.
I made sure the kiss was passionate. That she would immerse in the pleasure and would not question anything. She had tried to force her way to push me away. But the kiss and heat of the moment made her succumb to the lust between us.
It didn’t take her long to kiss me back. I felt her body up through her sexy figure. Up to brim of her shoulder. I raised her onto the kitchen counter. I then broke the kiss and started to kiss her near her ear as my hands felt up her navel. I moved down to her neck.
Her slow groans and slights gasps could be felt by my body. I started to lick her neck, as my hands were placed on her navel pressing it. I then licked her around her neck to her shoulders, while kissing her collar bone. I raised my hands to the sports bra and raised it as I removed it off. I threw it into the floor.
I saw her wheatish nipples hanging on her big boobs which just popped out. I started to fondle them as she moaned calmly. I then kissed her cleavage and kept on moving down. I sucked both her boobs and nipples with a deep kiss and suck.
I moved along to her navel. I gave her a deep kiss over there and to her tight trousers. I then went to rub her pussy over those tight trousers. I then kept on kissing her ass. I kissed on her top of the pussy. I then raised myself and started to fondle her boobs. I placed them one by one on my mouth to suck them.
My hands rubbed on her navel to her trouser and removed them. I then moved onto sucking on her boobs. My hands slowly moved into her panties. It made her feel like she was just opened an overflowing dam down there. I moved onto sucking her boobs.
My hands did their work with making her feel it like a dam is gonna break down between her legs. I raised her legs and kissed her from toes to her thighs. I bit her inner thigh skin and sucked them on both legs. I made her moan wildly, while she was having a hard grip on counter.
I then moved into her pussy and removed her panties. In between, she told me she wanted to experience me. She had heard the way I had fucked her friend (my sister in law) last year. That made me even more filled with lust. I squeezed her pussy lips and her clitoris.
I squeezed them hard and made her moan more wildly by them. Her boobs were in my hands as I fondled them and sucked on each nipple. I pulled together both boobs and sucked both nipples together. My fingers entered her pussy. It was so warm and soft as well as it was tight.
It didn’t have a man’s touch for a long time. I whispered in her ears it was tight. She then kissed me on my neck and told me to stretch it as much as you want. I then went down on her and sucked her pussy from outside and biting her pussy lips.
My hands made sure it fondled her big boobs and made her pussy stretched. I rubbed her pussy inside. My hands were on her left boob. She moaned while I put my tongue inside her. It didn’t take me long to find her g-spot. I made sure it made her have pleasure like any other she had.
I then moved on to suck her nipples. I bit them and she hugged me tight, scratched my back. I defiled her g spot and bit her nipples. She gave me love bites on my chest which made me wild. As the foreplay continued she came on the kitchen counter.
I felt her shiver to orgasm. I raised myself to kiss while my fingers achieved their goal. I carried her to the sofa. I then sat down on the sofa. She made nude. She saw my 6’5 inch long dick with 5 inches thickness. She was very much impressed and wanted it inside her.
She told me she wanted a lifetime enjoyment today. So she went down on me and started to suck me like a pro. I was in cloud nine. Her warm lips around my dick made me horny like anything. I reached for my phone and took a pic of the slutty face she had when gave me that blowjob.
Once it started to throb in her hands, she wanted it inside. She stood up and put her legs bend on the sofa and sat on my dick facing me. I slowly directed the dick into her pussy. I could sense her pussy’s tightness as it squeezed my cock as it went in. We both were in cloud nine.
Our two bodies joined by lust. She then started to ride me wildly. While I wrapped my hands around her navel, pressing them dropping them to her back to her big round ass. I wrapped my lips around her boobs sucking them like a baby about to get milk.
I then spanked her on the ass and took both my hands to her asscheeks. I split them, and I raised my pointer finger from the right hand to finger her in the asshole. She was ecstatic and energetic. She started to jump on my dick. I increased my thrust with my hips.
I knew from her moans and gasps of air, I was stretching her pussy. I was hitting deep. We continued to ride for 15-20 minutes until we both came together. She was so happy, she gave me a long kiss. We had a second round on that sofa again.
Then I went on to some exotic places to do them. I’ll continue the story about her. Thank you for reading. I welcome all comments from my fellow lads and all readers to my account at .
Please don’t come to me for photos I won’t give them. I would also like to know your feedback on this and my previous stories.

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