The Torture Test From Ranjana – Romantic Sensual Sex Story

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Hi friends, your friend Rohit again. Let’s go back to the story.
After lunch, Ranjana took Labu and went to their bedroom. She whispered, “I will come to you when Labu is asleep.” I went to my room and lay on the bed. I closed my eyes and was waiting for Ranjana.
I heard her footsteps. She was coming. She came into the room and sat beside me on the bed. She bent down and kissed on my forehead. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was wearing a Kurti and leggings. I held her hand and tried to pull on me. She stopped me. I couldn’t understand.
Ranjana: Rohit do you love me?
Me: What the silly question is that? Yes, I love you.
Ranjana: So you love me.
Me: Any doubt?
Ranjana: No, but I want to know how much?
Me: Come to me, I will show you how much I love you?
Ranjana stopped me again.
Ranjana: I want to test you.
Me: Test?
Ranjana: yes. If you love me then you will listen to me? And you will do it according to my wishes.
I was surprised by her word. Ranjana continued, “ And Rohit, if you love me then you never break your promise, right?
Me: What are you telling? I can’t get you.
Ranjana: Very simple, if you promise me something then you will never break that promise, right?
Me: Yes. But suddenly why are you asking me like that?
Ranjana: Wait.
She looked at me and said, “Rohit, you hold the bed railing above your head.” I was trying to say something. But she stopped me and held my both hands and moved it to the bed railing above my head. She again said, “Now you promise me that until I allow you, you will not move your both the hands from there.”
Me: Ok, I promise you that I will not move my hands and hold the bed railing until you allow me to move my hands. Now you are happy? But what are you trying to do?
I saw a naughty smile on her face. I was sure that Ranjana was planning something for me. Something very naughty. Ranjana got up from the bed and stood in front of my eyes. She slowly opened the kurti button one by one. I saw her white seductive cleavage. I tried to move.
Ranjana looked at me and said, “You promised me that you will not move until I allow you.” I stopped. I understood what was in her mind. She was smiling naughtily.
Me: So, you want to torture me sexually?
Ranjana: No Rohit. I didn’t tie your hand. If you want anytime you can break your promise. I just want to see how much you are trustworthy? How much time you can keep your promise. And one more condition, don’t close your eyes. You have to look at me always. Now the game begins.
I looked at her. She came closer to me. She bent on my face. I saw her boobs under the bra from the gap of her kurti, where the button was opened. That day she was wearing an off white bra. It was made of very thin material. Her skin color and the bra color was perfectly matched.
Nobody could distinguish her bra from her body. Ranjana kissed on my neck and opened my shirt button one by one. She was kissing on my chest and licking everywhere. I was aroused and tried to hug him tightly. But I couldn’t break my promise.
I thought, “Today I will not move my hands until she tells me.” I took her challenge in my mind. Ranjana then came to my manly nipples. She knew very well that they were very sensitive, and whenever she licked or sucked my manly nipples I went out of control.
She licked and sucked and bit my nipples one by one. But I didn’t move my hand or proceed for anything. Ranjana looked at my eyes. She tried to read my mind. She smiled and said, “Good boy, I want to see, how precious I am for you. And how much precious is your promise which you make to me.”
She held my pant and underpants and pulled it out from my body. I was lying naked on the bed. My dick got hard. It was jumping on the air. Ranjana held my dick in her soft and said to it, “Wait, boy, today you have to keep patience.”
Ranjana stood on the floor and opened her Kurti and leggings one by one.
She was now wearing only bra and panty. She again got up on the bed. Before that, she closed the door of my room. She placed her bra covered boobs on my face. She pressed her deep valley on my nose and lips. I could feel her toxic aroma which made me mad.
Ranjana tried to excite me so that I broke my promise and moved. But I didn’t. She knew that I love to lick her cleavage, so she deliberately placed her cleavage just on my lips. A few times later when she felt that I didn’t move, not even licked her cleavage, she moved up and looked at my eyes.
She was surprised. But she also wanted to win. She put her hand in her back and opened her bra clasp and took it out from her body. Her two beautiful juicy melons were hanging in front of my face. I couldn’t take it anymore and closed my eyes.
Ranjana whispered in my ear, “You can’t close your eyes. If you can’t control the heat, then break your promise and take me in your arms, I am all yours. But I am not allowing. It will be your decision.”
I opened my eyes. She looked at my eyes. She moved down and placed her lips on mine. She was hungrily eating my lips and sucking them one by one. It was very difficult to hold my emotions. I was gasping.
Ranjana whispered in my ears, “Ok, I only give you one permission. When I kissed you on your lips or smooched you that time you can reciprocate. But only kiss and smooch, nothing else.” And again she placed her lips on mine. This time we were both hungrily eating each other’s lips.
Almost 10 minutes we were sucking each other lips. Our tongue was fighting with each other sometimes in her mouth, sometimes in my mouth. She pushed her tongue in my mouth I sucked and then I pushed my tongue in her mouth and she sucked.
She moved up her face. We were both became horny. But Ranjana didn’t show. She again went for her next trick. She moved a little up. Her nipples were brushing on my lips. She tactfully brushed her erect nipples one by one on my lips.
She stopped for a moment and put her left nipples on my lips so that I lose my control and started sucking her nipples. Inside I was very hot. My blood was running with double speed inside my body. But still, I controlled my emotions and lust.
After a few minutes, Ranjana sat beside me and looked at me surprisingly. She couldn’t believe that I can keep my promise this extent. She moved down and held my hard dick with her soft hand. I knew she applied all her expertise so that I break my promise.
On the one hand, she wanted to win. but on the other hand, she was also very happy to know how precious she is for me. She held my dick and kissed on the tip. She licked the side of my penis from bottom to top. She did several times. She also gave a small and soft bit on my hard dick.
She held my dick and moved her face to my balls. She was licking my balls. She took my balls one by one in her mouth and sucked and at the same time nibbled the tip of my cock with her soft finger. A volcano was preparing to blast its huge thick hot lava.
Ranjana was also known as the fact but still, she was playing. She moved her head up and looked at my eyes. I looked at her directly. She couldn’t take my gaze. She thought I gave up much before. But I proved her wrong. She went for the final round.
She moved my foreskin and took the mushroom head in her mouth and sucked. Then he licked the tip of my cock with her tongue. She knew all my weak points very well and she applied all that one by one upon me. Pre-cum was oozing from my dick. It was rock hard.
Ranjana didn’t stop and gave me a full throat massage. She engulfed my entire dick in her mouth. I felt that my tip was to heat her throat. She coughed very badly but then also I didn’t move. I held the handrail of the bedding tightly. She took my dick and placed it in between her soft juicy boobs.
She pressed her boobs from both sides and gave me a titfuck. My pre-cum was shining in her deep valley. Finally, she took my dick in her mouth and she was giving me a blowjob at full speed. I was not expecting that. Ranjana was very careful, that I shouldn’t release my juices.
Whenever I was reaching climax, immediately she left my shaft and sat beside me, and looked into my eyes. Due to intensity, I jerked and my hip went up in the air. But I couldn’t tolerate this anymore. And Ranjana wanted that I gave up. Almost one hour it was going like that only.
She was sucking my hard rod, shagged with her soft fingers, and just before the climax she left me alone. I was humping in the open air so that I could release my load. But it was not possible. Again I landed on the bed and breathing heavily. She did this several times with me. It was now painful.
Ranjana went for the final round. By that time Ranjana was also getting aroused. She opened her panty and came upon me. She placed her pussy on my hard dick and pushed. It was gone easily inside her wet cunt. I felt some comfort. But still, my hands were not free.
I wanted to hug her and fucked her with full speed but still, I was waiting for her words. Ranjana was jumping on my cock and fucking in cowgirl position. Her soft juicy boobs were dancing in front of my eyes. I was moaning with pleasure. I was reaching my climax.
Just before my climax Ranjana did it again. She stopped her movement. But it was too late. My juices were released. I was not satisfied because at the final moment she stopped her movement. But I didn’t move my hip to give her thrust from the bottom.
I saw her moist eyes. She couldn’t believe that I could go that far just to keep my promise. She bent down and hugged me tightly. She was sobbing, “I love you, Rohit. Nobody in this world can love me like you.”
She held my hands and took it from the handrail. “I take my words back, you are free now. Now take your jaan in your arm and fuck her, punish her.” I held her tightly in my arms and turned. Ranjana was then lying on the bed and I came upon her. My semi-solid dick was still in her pussy.
I held her face with my hands and placed my lips on her lips. We were smooching with each other very intensely. As if, we wanted to eat each other lips. She gave several bit on my lips and I also did the same. Her soft juicy melons were pressed under my chest.
The soft feel of her boobs made me aroused. Her softness, body aroma, her soft rosy lips again made my dick hard. My dick was already inside her pussy. When it got hard again she felt.
She kissed on my lips and said, “Now eat milk from your love’s boobs and fuck her hard, real hard. Tell her how much you love her. Punish her for what she did with you.” I kissed back on her lips and moved my head a little down and took her one nipple in my mouth and started sucking.
She held my head and pressed my face on her boobs. I moved my dick in her pussy while sucked her boobs. I held her boobs and fucking her with full force. I kissed, licked, and sucked her lips, neck, and boobs alternatively. But didn’t stop my humping for a moment.
Ranjana was moaning loudly with pleasure. From the morning she was waiting for this moment. She was waiting to reach her climax, reach her orgasm. Within a few minutes, she reached her orgasm. But I was still not finished. I was pumping her cunt with my hard rod for another 30 minutes.
Then I came deep into her vagina. Ranjana reached her climax one more time in between and finally when I released she reached her orgasm for the final time.
We hugged each other and slept.
In the evening we got up and went out of the room.  We came to their bedroom where Labu was sleeping. Ranjana was very happy. I was also very happy and waiting for the night.
Friends that is the end of this part where Ranjana put me through a torture test.  You can mail me or send a hangout message on my email id. My email id is my telegram id is rohit_for_u. Thank you.

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